Create Shared Folder With Guest Additions on CentOS 8

Reference: how-to-share-folders-between-guest-and-host-in-virtualbox

If you have guest additions installed, you can create a shared folder.

1) Login to the Virtual Box Linux Environment.

2) Open the Terminal Application.

3) Add your user to the vboxsf group using this command. vboxsf stands for “VirtualBox Shared Folder”

$ sudo usermod -aG vboxsf $(whoami)

4) Open the VirtualBox Application, select your Virtual Machine, and click on settings

5) Go to the Shared Folder section and click on the add folder icon button.

Select a folder on your local windows computer to be shared with the virtual machine. Here I’ll create a new folder in named Shared so the directory looks like this: C:\Users\*******\Documents\VirtualBox\VMs\CentOS_8\Shared

6) Make sure Auto-mount is enabled and click create

7) This is what shared folder settings should look like.

8) Open your CentOS 8 Virtual machine to check check the VM the shared folder is mounted. It should auto-mount. Launch the files Application

9) Check if you the shared folder is mounted.

10) If you can see the shared folder, then you’re done. If you don’t see it, try restarting CentOS to see if it will be auto-mounted. If you’d like to mount the shared folder manually, launch a terminal in CentOS and run the following command:

$ sudo mount -t vboxsf Public ~/Documents/VirtualBox/VMs/CentOS_8/Shared

11) Congradualtions! You can now access the same folder in the virtual machine and on your Windows Machine