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GitHub Training (With GitHub Desktop)

2019.05.25 GitHub Training by Luis and Stephen

Git Commands Explained:


From: vcs-git-github-bitbucket-nedir-github-kullanimi

GitHub Project Organization

How to Organize GitHub Projects

Making Branches

atlassian - feature-branch-workflow

More Resources

GitHub Guides Getting Started with GitHub introduction-to-github Github Flow Introduction

GitHub Cloning Behavior

Github cloning behavior

Referencing Issues in Commits

Github you can make commits reference issues by adding: #



Change Git Remote URL

$ git remote set-url <remote_name> <remote_url>

Example to change the URL of Git origin remote:

$ git remote set-url origin https://git-repo/new-repository.git

Check Git remote URL:

$ git remote -v

Reference: devconnected - How To Change Git Remote Origin